The Pathway Project

Now and again I think we all come across things that give us a hard-hitting reality check. This was certainly the case when I got involved in helping a project steered by Federico Garcia for the charity Pathway

Pathway is a wonderful charity aiming to improve healthcare standards for homeless people across the UK, working with hospitals to create a more positive, healthy future and a way out of homelessness. 

Fede created a campaign to promote Pathway's work, entitled 'Stories of Rebirth'. Using donated items of clothing from seven former homeless people and working with leading fashion designers to turn them into re-energised garments, the aim was to raise money through their crowdfunder and following auction. 

To promote this new fundraising campaign, I was asked by Frontera to create seven short films on the people involved. To interview, film and listen to their stories was a moving experience and one which really adds weight to what Pathway do as a charity. From child abuse to a run of 'small' unfortunate events, the stories of how these people became homeless were equally moving and I considered myself a very lucky man to not only meet this people but to be involved in helping such a positive project.

I heard from Fede recently saying about the success of the campaign and was so pleased that, not only did the project do well in itself, but it won 8 awards in the IPA Best of Health Awards including one in the Film category. 

Onwards and upwards, lend your own support over at Pathway's website: