2 days with the RNLI charity

As a kid I remember seeing the lifeboats of the RNLI and being awed by their size and what they could do. On a quieter couple of days last week I took the opportunity to revisit Pembrokeshire and work with the charity to produce a set of images over two locations, one to the station at Angle, and the other to Little & Broad Haven. 

The impact these guys and gals have on lives around the coastline is pretty impressive, and without fail their passion for the RNLI was evident. On average the RNLI rescue 24 people a day, covered by lifeboats, lifeguards, safety advice and flood rescue. With 92% of the RNLI's total income coming from generous donations and legacies, they depend on dedicated volunteers and supporters to save lives at sea.

You can find out how to support the RNLI here: www.rnli.org/howtosupportus
Direct donations can also be made here: www.rnli.org/donateorbecomeamember
Follow the RNLI on Twitter here: @RNLI

I was lucky enough to be given a detailed tour around their Tamar Class 16-11 by Angle's full-time mechanic and join the excursion of their D-class boat at Little & Broad Haven. At both locations I wanted to shoot some portraits of the full-time members and volunteers...here's some of my favourites:

Angle has three full time crew who I spent a morning with:

Some of the crew at Little & Broad Haven took their D-class out on the sea:

I visited St Davids at sunrise, and the local beaches at sunset near Marloes Sands: