The Premier League at Ferry Lane

Over the last few months I've been privileged enough to work extensively with the Premier League for their End of Season Review which is out and about in print as we speak. Combined with the Premier League Kicks project, they have a real impact on the footballing community. From schools to stadiums, kids to coaches their involvement in personal development and the community is epic. 

I want to share with you my favourite shoot from Tottenham's Ferry Lane here, where this community spirit with the Premier League Kicks is epitomised; football has changed lives, even saved lives here. Richard Allicock, a Community Development Manager for The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, coached the first Premier League Kicks session back in 2006, and is clear in stating that football 'literally saved' him. It's now this club that, after 10 years, Richard accredits to making a real impact on the community; 'these kids are often deemed ‘unreachable’ - but actually they are reachable by the right people with the right skill set.'

It was clear in my visit that football has a huge influence on community and kids in the area; all respectful of the coaches, the pitch, the community. Great stuff. Keep an eye out for the Premier League Review 2015/16, out now, for many more stories like this one.