Over the last few months I've started to capture my experiences and everyday life on 35mm film, creating albums of prints to have as life-long memories, away from Facebook, Instagram and lost hard drives. I remember as a kid I could spend hours looking through my Nan's photo albums; my grandparents had a whole wall dedicated to them in their front bedroom. It got me picking up my Canon AE-1, some Kodak Portra and a 50mm lens and simply enjoying photography out and about again. It's a cliche but print is beautiful, you can't beat the joy of opening prints from a developed film and I'm slowly building my own wall of tangible albums. 


I created a series that will grow and grow with these 35mm photographs; you can see it here: alexwallace.co/daily35mm. For now here's five of my favourites, starting from when I began conciously building these albums when travelling for a job in Hong Kong: