Over the last few months I've started to capture my experiences and everyday life on 35mm film, creating albums of prints to have as life-long memories, away from Facebook, Instagram and lost hard drives. I remember as a kid I could spend hours looking through my Nan's photo albums; my grandparents had a whole wall dedicated to them in their front bedroom. It got me picking up my Canon AE-1, some Kodak Portra and a 50mm lens and simply enjoying photography out and about again. It's a cliche but print is beautiful, you can't beat the joy of opening prints from a developed film and I'm slowly building my own wall of tangible albums. 


I created a series that will grow and grow with these 35mm photographs; you can see it here: alexwallace.co/daily35mm. For now here's five of my favourites, starting from when I began conciously building these albums when travelling for a job in Hong Kong:


The Premier League Primary Stars advert

The Premier League has launched its most ambitious community programme to date, Premier League Primary Stars, with the aim of supporting 10,000 primary schools in England and Wales by 2019. Premier League Primary Stars is a national curriculum-linked education programme using the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

Many of you probably saw the wonderful new TV ad air for the first time on Sunday (if not, here it is!). Over the past couple of months I joined the film crew, production agencies and Premier League capturing still photographs of the filming, from scene-by-scene moments of amazing young children to an array of the Premier League's top football talent. It's been fully rewarding to see these images out and about since, from the Premier League's homepage and learning material to match-day brochures and banners. Here's some of my favourite moments...

Client: The Premier League
Agency: Y&R London

Some of the world's best footballers in action:

Little stars during filming:

Director of photography, Barry Ackroyd, BSC in action: